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A Great Name with An Inspiring Story Behind

Directly from Damietta, the Egyptian Mediterranean harbor, which is renowned as the hub of Egyptian furniture manufacturing for many decades and still. StarsWood Co. was founded to link the global forestry industry around the world. By obtaining the variety and importing timber materials with diversified specs from various forests across the world, to fulfil the needs of our furniture producers and traders in Egypt and the MENA region as well.

Back to 1958 in Damietta, when Mr. Sobh Zaki Barbour, CEO of StarsWood Co., started his path as a furniture manufacturer, which helped him to obtain a beyond-belief expertise in wood production and advanced timber materials that led him to define market gaps to fulfill, understand the manufacturing hurdles, and consolidate his vision to ground-break his own advanced timber and wooden materials provisioning company.

The multiple obstacles of such a vital industry that face manufacturers, including raw material shortages, lack of diversity, and acquiring a chance to innovate via combination of various timber substances, inspired Mr. Sobh to establish StarsWood Co. L.L.C. in 1976 as a professional timber supplying and distributing firm to tackle these challenges by providing the finest timber materials with high resistance to damage factors and helping manufacturers to design and introduce their masterpieces to the whole world.

Great achievements start small, and so StarsWood Co. was launched as a professional natural wood veneer supplying company to become one of the top-notch providers of all diversified timber materials, including hardwoods, slabs, natural veneer, engineered veneer, plywood, MDF, etc.